There is no formula for successful branding. Here, we will explain our branding concept.


We focus our wisdom on how our customers imagine.

A brand strategy is to use your wisdom to think about what and how to express it to expand the imagination of customers and give them a favorable image of your company and your products. To put it simply, it is to collect a lot of "likes" at once.


When we say branding, it is often understood that “to convey our charm to the other party”.

For us, this is the realm of marketing.

For us, branding is not about what we want to convey, but about how others feel and what kind of image they have.


At this time, in the image, it is necessary to include not only "now" but also "future self".

This is because “investment in the future” is essential as the essence of branding.


Therefore, our branding is based on the idea of how to get future customers to have a positive image of our company and our products.

The point of view is essential.



What do you associate with the word "branding"?

I think that many people probably think that it is an activity that spreads the image of a company or product externally through advertising and promotional activities.

We define this as "outer branding". In general, it is branding that is requested by an advertising agency or consulting company.

So what is the other side? This is what we call "inner branding," which is "the activity of building a single brand image within the company while linking all the departments and activities within the company."

It encompasses areas that may seem surprising, from recruitment to employee training, welfare programs, and evaluation systems.


In fact, this inner branding requires a lot of effort. It involves all departments, from the human resources department to general affairs and the field, and it takes time. Therefore, the current situation is that there are a great many companies that simply entrust the "outer branding" to an advertising company.


In the United States, we believe that companies that are weak in hiring new graduates have weak brand power.

If you visit Levi's Headquarters or Nike Headquarters, you will surely be surprised. There are plenty of welfare facilities such as recreation and food courts that will make you think, "Oh, I want to go to work at this kind of company every day." It's okay to have a "unique" approach to work, but a strong company will be a company where the "direction of the vector of the heart" of each individual is the same.


Isn't it already a thing of the past that "a good brand image is created by a large amount of advertising exposure"?

We live in an age when information posted by individuals on the Internet or on SNS goes against the brand image, and the cost is enormous.


We are a company that sells really good products, but it is said that the goodness of the product is not fully conveyed to customers due to the way of words and expressions.

I often come across a case and it can be very disappointing.


I can't say too much here, but I believe that our company's strengths lie in our deep and long-lasting relationship of trust and our ability to make proposals from various angles, including inner branding.



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