Reversal of the sense of values that “using money is justice”

There is a country that was the first in the world to say that "making money is cool," as opposed to "making money is bad." That country is America. Money making is bad, as is probably still the case outside of the United States.


Making money is probably still bad in Japan.

However, the important thing is that Protestantism and modern economics have established that the economy is justified in luxuries.

Saving money is bad. Those who spend money are justice. This means that the only way to keep everyone from starving in the economy is to consume things instead of producing them.

That's why the reversal of values has happened since the 1970s, and it's been about 40 years now, but it hasn't happened exactly in that time.

But little by little, the trend of "spending money is bad" and "earning money is bad" has evolved into a trend of "let's do business positively."

This reversal of values is still not taught in schools

They say still  that  poor is beautiful, so Japan's education has a big responsibility

In light of the common sense of the world, it can't be helped that it's hard to rewrite it as justice to do business quickly and to be extravagant.

Making money and spending money itself is a good thing that is being demanded right now. We think

Making money is also one of the proofs that society needs it.


I believe that the creation of a society in which young people can lead hopeful and exciting days will build the future of Japan.