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We want to prove everyone take wrong way



Domestically and internationally, we have strengths in comprehensive work from brand strategy concept construction to advertising and other communication design, design visual development, product design, web and space design, and other creative fields such as fashion and textiles. Design, art management, art and design curation, etc. 


Aiming to become a 100-year company that attracts the world

Beyond  the  ADVERTISING

Branding Division

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Aspects of the group as a comprehensive advertising agency (outer branding)

 Our aim is to communicate and collaborate with our customers.


Group companies place the highest priority on the creative environment

We are doing ONE-STOP background development.

Together with the design and web team, we are making proposals that look ahead together.




GROUP  〜 Over 50 years! 







 International Branding Division

 Planning Creative Center




I want to show you what you can't see.

As a true corporate advertising partner


Your success is our success





In order to respond to the complex problems faced by companies and the cutting-edge public relations debates, it is essential to accumulate know-how backed by a track record and to make effective use of it independently. We have built up a track record of numerous business alliances with leading firms in the US and Japan in the field of corporate public relations, and we have built a system that allows us to effectively utilize the know-how that we have accumulated throughout our group companies. Based on these achievements and know-how, we provide flexible support for corporate activities that require prompt responses to complex and diverse problems.

In addition, we will create the future of your company together without being bound by the framework of public relations.

In recent years, our position as a sales agent has been well received.


For our customers, we wish to be an advertising company that goes beyond an advertising company.

In addition, we have adopted a conglomerate management style.


Our advertising concept.


It can be said that without advertising, the goodness of new products and services cannot be conveyed.

But what is your idea of advertising?

TV, radio, Internet, magazine advertisements, billboards, and events are many people's thoughts.


However, person-to-person word-of-mouth is also advertising.

In a broader sense, the appearance of employees working energetically is also an image advertisement of the company.

Customers who have your products and look happy are your company's best advertising .




Marshall McLuhan in his book "UNDERSTANDING MEDIA The Extensions of Man"

defined as ``the medium is the message''. This can be interpreted as ``the medium itself that conveys information is also information''. In other words, even if the same information is given, the sensation that the recipient gets from the information will be different depending on the medium that gave the information.

That's what it means.

But according to McLuhan, the media are not just things like television, telephones, and books. The electrical sound, electrical light, and type contained in these devices are also media.