The ability to see things from different angles, diversity, free thinking, and a rich heart will someday come to Japan.


Twenty years ago, the company I met when I visited companies every day on a bicycle I bought for $30 in Los Angeles is now our important customer.

and an irreplaceable best friend.


In the future, my goal is to contribute even a little to the smiles of individual customers.


Although it is a personal matter, I am looking forward to creating more good companies and presidents who contribute to the local community in the future.



Surrounded by a group of Harleys, I want to always feel the joy of those times when we ran from Sedona to Vegas together.


Each day brings a new color to life, and the more frightening it is, the more we seek a group of people who can jump into it.



There is no such thing as "absolute" in this world. 




 I look forward to meeting brave people who seek opportunity rather than stability.


Many of my young colleagues are now in important positions in companies around the world, and they are working in North America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China,too.


It's possible to easily achieve amazing miracles in Australia, Germany, Mexico, and more.

Please enjoy! ! 








                                                  CEO    Joe  Hamada